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Women's Bible Study: 1 & 2 Thessalonians & Micah (Tuesday Morning)

Tuesday Morning Study

1 & 2 Thessalonians & Micah

Tuesdays / 9:30 AM-12:00 PM / August 31 - April 26

Fall 2021 - Letter to the Thessalonians: An in-depth study of 1st and 2nd Thessalonians

Paul, Silas. and Timothy traveled to Thessalonica and shared the gospel with the Jews and Gentiles in their capital city. So many believed in Jesus as their Savior that a new church began to grow. Persecution from the political power players forced Paul out of town and cause great suffering for the young believers, but they stood firm in their faith.

These letters are about faith, hope and love; holiness, prater, and perseverance; the will of God and the glorious return of Christ. And so much more! Almost every major doctrine of our faith is covered in these personal writings from the apostle Paul. Join me as we read someone else's mail. I'm sure you'll find a few things that you will think were written just to you! 

Winter 2022 - Justice and Mercy - The Character of God, the Messiah, and HIs Kingdom: An in-depth study of Micah

Who is like God? The prophet Micah tells us! The Lord declarers through Micah that He is a God who knows His people Israel and is angry at their wickedness; He holds them accountable for their actions. The Lord also shows great kindness and faithfulness to Hi s people by promising incredible blessings for them through His Ruler whose origin is from the day s of eternity. 

This short book of prophecy declares God's judgement against injustice which will prompt us to examine how we live our lives and treat others. It also declares God's overwhelming mercy to forgive sins. And it unveils the Lord's extraordinary plans for the nation of Israel during the Millennial Kingdom when Jesus Christ reigns supreme. Knowing more about the character of God and His Ling will lead us to honor and adore our Lord and Savior as they deserve. 

Homework: 2 lessons/45-60 minutes each
Cost: $30/year

Childcare available for an additional fee.

Childcare is available at an extra cost during this study.  You must register your children on the childcare link you will receive in your registration confirmation email.

Date/Time:8/31/2021 9:30 AM - 4/26/2022 12:00 PM   Add To Your Calendar
Contact:Sandrine Cotnoir
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